Below are the audit results by AnChain.

You may purchase FAEV tokens and begin farming now!

Launchpad site :

Please ensure you purchase tokens from Bounce only, as there is still too little liquidity on the Faev PCS pairs. You also get the benefit of purchasing them at <$5 each, which is a discount to the current market price!


Faev Finance is a yield-farming platform on the Binance Smart Chain network that was envisioned as a long-term, sustainable project without the risk of any rug-pulls. Having been the victim of such incidents in the past, I know the pain of experiencing the confusion, pain and humiliation of falling for such scams; These events have served as an impetus to launch a project that would stand above such unscrupulous actions. The integrity of the smart contracts, and thus the safety of your funds, are at the forefront of Faev Finance’s priorities.

Investors would be invited to participate in the high-yields…

Faev Finance

Your Faevourite yield farm.

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